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Who we are

At Avalanche we specialise in unique web design for innovative people. The name Avalanche was chosen directly from my favourite video game, Final Fantasy VII. The group aims to change the world & I thought it was the perfect name for what I want to do!

I am always looking for new projects that excite me and help us to make a real difference to people and help them reach their goals.

Avalanche was founded by me, Aidan O' Carroll and I remain the chief creative force behind Avalanche. We have a number of partners we use for projects & we employ people on a project basis who all contribute to various areas when needed along with various contributors to our blog.

We love working with people who are passionate about what they do and the SME sector happens to be full of them! The main thing you need to know about me is I don't take anything too seriously and love helping people through technology.

We have created over 150 websites since inception and I look forward to creating our next 100 websites. It is the creative process of helping SME's that really excites me and I look forward to the fantastic journey ahead with some incredible people!

Aidan O Carroll signature
Aidan O Carroll

Avalanche Bloggers

We will be featuring lots of people on our blog covering a range of topics so check out all the awesome people who are involved!

Aidan O Carroll Avalanche

Recognised as one of the most talented young designers in the world having founded Avalanche & developed Highwind.

Aidan O' Carroll
Lucky Idiot | Internet Superhero
Dapper David Cashman Blogger

An accomplished blogger who will be posting about how to dress as a 20-something in Ireland and make a statement in fashion and business.

David Cashman
Fashion Blogger | Corkonian
Mikie Flavin Avalanche

A sharp young man who has his finger on the pulse of all the latest moves in the fast paced world of technology.

Mikie Flavin
Physicist | Terrible Golfer
Padraig O' Connor Blogger

A digital marketing whiz & winner of the An Post Student Marketing Campaign of the Year, 2014!

Padraig O' Connor
Digital Marketing | Wanderlust
Steph Thornton Blogger

A new business owner who is creatively baltering through her mid-20's figuring it out as she goes along!

Stephanie Thornton
Startup Owner | PokeMaster
Rosaleen Harrington Blogger

A law graduate who is super active on Twitter meaning she knows everything before it even happerns!

Rosaleen Harrington
Law Graduate | Professor of Banter
Ian Donegan Blogger

A communications and media expert who is a pioneer in the dancing/shuffle world.

Ian Donegan
Media Guru | Dance Enthusiast
John Enright Blogger

A personal trainer who knows how to make the body perform to capacity in every situation.

John Enright
Personal Trainer | Coffee Guy
Monika Dukarska Blogger

A world class athlete who knows what it takes the be the absolute best in her field/river.

Monika Dukarska
Olympian Athlete
Joe McKenna

Possibly the most sarcastic man in the world but knows a thing or two about a thing or two.

Joe McKenna
Satirical Farmer

The Original Avalanche.

Final Fantasy VII is where we got our name and it remains to this day my favourite ever video game, with recent news of a remake we thought it would be a perfect place to show people the wonderful characters who inspired us to change the world..

Final Fantasy VII Avalanche Barret
Final Fantasy VII Avalanche Tifa
Final Fantasy VII Avalanche Cait Sith
Final Fantasy VII Avalanche Cid
Final Fantasy VII Avalanche Cloud
Final Fantasy VII Avalanche Aerith
Final Fantasy VII Avalanche Vincent
Final Fantasy VII Avalanche Yuffie
Final Fantasy VII Avalanche Red XIII