How to keep life interesting

How to keep life interesting...

We all strive to do our best, make the most of ourselves. Or at least, we should. It's not a competition, but fulfilment is an emotion that tops most others. The sense of achievement, getting that college course, winning that game, passing that test. Regardless of the diversity of background, people who make the effort will find their level. Age is completely irrelevant where fulfilment is concerned. You're never too young to try, or too old to learn. Diversify. Try new things. Refuse to become typecast in one role.

The more you surprise others, the better you'll feel about yourself. Surround yourself with good friends. You have no idea how important that is, for you and for them. You will occasionally make mistakes, bad calls, and poor judgements. They will pull you through, whether with a gentle pull or a savage kick in the hole. The unlikelier the bedfellow, the more it works. Don't ask me why, it just does... What have a computer nerd, a bachelor farmer, a construction worker, and a health professional got in common? To the naked eye, nothing. Add in some extremely pleasant eye candy, and you end up with an adult version of the goonies!

Our trail of mishaps and destruction is quite accomplished, and we're only getting started. But we're all at the top of our respective games, comfortable in our own skin. But never lax. We know not to take things for granted. That has a nasty habit of coming back and giving you a bloodied nose. At the very least. Find your space, make it yours. Own it. Find that place where you're happy with you, and the rest will happen. Thirty five years of chasing my tail taught me that much. Follow your dreams and goals, but don't get lost on a fool’s errand chasing the impossible.

Achieve what's attainable for you. Be respectful of others achievements. Horses for courses as they say. When you can get your head around all of this, you can go and enjoy those few beers, that meal, that new car. You can do it if you try. After those manic thirty five years, I took a different approach, a calmer one, albeit I'm still as ruthless as the callous bastard I was at twenty five. But that side is seldom seen, only when it's needed. Which is less and less. Something I attribute to surrounding myself with people that aren't in it for what they can get, but what they can contribute.

As you go along, you'll even upgrade...... I'm forty two now. Finally settling down. What's next? I haven't the foggiest notion. But I've a fair idea who'll be standing alongside me when it comes. And it's good to know they'll throw me a life jacket if I need it. As Emilio Estevez said at the end of the brilliantly kitsch 'Young Guns 2'…