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The Leaving Cert | Why Didn't I Care?

With news of many young people eagerly awaiting the results which they have worked hard for breaking midweek, One cannot but help think about the time when you were in the same shoes. I think everyone, especially people in their 20's has this moment every year and sure enough I felt the same familiar feeling of not caring about it.

I have found myself not caring about the Leaving Certificate long after I completed it and long before I ever had to sit it. You see I had much more important things to worry about, things like Minor Championships, delving into the basics of JavaScript, learning how to actually dress myself and basically a hundred different other things other than some stupid exam which I honestly felt was a complete waste of my time. Of course, this is the same for every Irish person and you have to get on with it and play with the system that is in place in order to go to University and actually be a grown up and do something that you are interested in.

I was lucky enough that I was lazy in secondary school. Yes, you read that correctly, I said LUCKY. I never found myself challenged in my mandatory schooling, I would pass exams without opening a book and only started studying biology 3 months before my exam and pulled an acceptable grade in it having fully embraced my lazy nature.

I would look at classmates killing themselves, writing and re-writing chapters of books that they had done many times over thinking that it would somehow seep into their minds. I would smirk and go for a nap (usually waiting for the principal) thinking that it was madness telling myself that I had a plan and it would work out. It did, thankfully!

While disillusioned with my own experience, it is encouraging to see teenagers across the country in delight upon receiving their results and realising all of their hard work was worth it. That being said, it is the opposite side of the coin that I find much more interesting, seeing these kids fail, for the majority it will be the first major setback they will receive.

Not in some weird, sadistic way, I find it incredible to see the immediate realisation that it's time to grow up and you can almost see a steely determination grow. These are the kids who will be doing exciting things in the next years to come, who have the bit between their teeth, who have tasted failure and will do everything in their power to avoid doing so again.

Show me a kid who got 400 points and one who missed his target by 20. I would back the latter to succeed in their chosen area every day of the week because they know that little defeat and will find that extra 10% from somewhere.

I hope the majority of people are happy with whatever results they receive and they should also know that there is something out there and if they are anything like me, they are too naive to realise that their true calling is still some ways down the road and to enjoy it every step of the way. I mean Harry Potter was an average student and didn't even complete his studies and that kid did ok!