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Dressing in your 20's.

Dressing in your 20's can be tricky. So many different things happen in your life this important decade. You start college, you graduate from college, you start your career, travel the world and you could possibly even get married to the love of your life. While all these are important, it is just as important to "find yourself" during this time. I'm going to discuss the importance of finding your own sense of style in your 20's. In your 20's you are going to see and experience so much. While I mainly blog about men's fashion, I find that a lot of these lessons can be used for women also. I recently read a similar article on GQ and it really got me thinking about the topic. Seeing as I am now in my late 20's, I started to wonder did I follow any of the advice they gave in the article. I am glad to say I did follow a lot of it and it has put me in good stead. I am going to discuss with you the most important aspects of gaining a sense of your own style in your 20's.

How your clothes fit.

I know it sounds obvious, but it really is important that your clothes fit you perfectly. For suits or any form of tailoring, it is important to get measured properly. Most department stores offer this service and it is usually free of charge. Most people in their 20's now work out on a regular basis (yes I know people older than that do it also!) So why would you waste all that time in the gym and not show it off with properly fitting clothes.
My advice for this is to actually use the changing rooms when you go shopping! This gives you the opportunity to try on and see if the clothes fit properly. My idea of a good fit is when the item of clothing is snug, but you still have the ability to move freely in it. By doing this you avoid a second trip to the shops to return the ill-fitting item and you know that you have spent your money well.

Experiment with your Style.

This is a must! How are you going to know what suits you and what doesn't? You might have a favourite celebrity or sports star whose style you admire? Why not try on something similar to what they wear. When I was in my late teens and early 20's David Beckham was my style icon and still is. As I developed my sense of style, I found more influences close to home. Irish style icons Brendan Courtney, Darren Kennedy and Kerry's GAA superstar Paul Galvin became influences of mine in more than just how I dress.
I found aspects of their style that was similar to my own. So go on do it! Try something new, who knows it could be for you! If it isn't, well then you can laugh about it in your 40's with your friends and family. We all make mistakes don't we?

Get to know a Tailor and a Barber.

I know it sounds like I'm still writing for the guys. In a girls case get to know a good hairdresser and seamstress. Again, I can only speak about how important this is! These guys are the people who you will trust with your hair and clothes! If you want to make any impression in your 20's then you better have a good team behind you! I know firsthand the importance of a good barber/hairdresser as I have lost several through work, moving from home, the barber/hairdresser moving away. It makes a difference as you build a relationship with them. They know what suits you, they won't let you make stupid decisions and they also can give you good advice on how to look your best. I currently find myself in this situation again! So wish me luck!

As for a tailor or seamstress. If you are lucky enough to have clothes fit you off the peg then lucky you! Usually it is little nips and tucks that you need to make, like getting your sleeves shortened. These little nips and tucks are very important as it makes your outfit unique to your body, basically it is made for you!

Try different colours.

This is a fun part of your 20's. Trying different colours can be fun, a lot of girls like trying new colours because they are not afraid to do so. Guys on the other hand can be a little more cautious with this subject. I have seen guys go "no way I'm not wearing a pink shirt!" yet if Liverpool or Manchester United brought out a pink jersey they would probably buy it! The idea behind this, is so you can find out which ones suit your skin tone. If you are lucky enough to have sallow skin, then my friend you are a walking clothes horse, because most colours will suit you. Lucky you!

Look after your shoes.

This one is simple. As you get older you will start to pay more for your shoes. If you want them to last longer you need to look after them. There are many videos online to show you how to look after them and it also may be wise to wise to find a good cobbler (shoe fixer if you didn't know already).

Now that is done! I am going to give a quick list of essentials for guys in their 20's:

  • White Shirt
  • A go anywhere watch
  • A proper suit
  • Indigo Jeans
  • White Trainers
  • A leather jacket
  • Formal Shoes

Well I hope you find this of good use to both you guys and girls and if you have any questions I will happily answer them on any of my social media pages or through my blog. All the best.