It is week 9 (I think, what is time anymore?) of having to stay at home and I do not think I am the only one who is starting to find it a little tough. It is a strange time and hopefully the toughest parts of lockdown are behind us.


I am genuinely fearful for a lot of businesses at this time and even more so, essential services that carry out life-saving work such as Pieta House. Online reports vary but it is estimated that there is a huge drop in donations this year due to COVID-19. Due to current restrictions, Pieta House had to postpone their Darkness Into Light event this year, instead Ballyduff GAA took part in the #Run4Pieta which asked GAA Clubs and its members to get involved in "Run in Darkness & in Light" on May 7th-9th.


Depression and suicide are two subjects that are close to the hearts of far too many families & communities in Ireland, so during these tough times we feel it is vitally important that we try to help in whatever way we can. With all of this in mind, everyone at the club hoped that completing this challenge may help encourage those to donate whatever they can, no matter the amount.


Personally, I could not complete a run because I am waiting for knee surgery (was literally scheduled for the day before we went into lockdown!) but I still wanted to help where I could. Having briefly discussed it with Michael, we matched the total donations of the community and donated that amount.


At the time they were €2630 so that is what we contributed to the cause (I had to be locked in to a coding session for the next day so that is why we completed it at that time).


The full event went to raise over €7700, my donation included, and it is great to see a small community come together. It is the very least I could do and if it even helps one person, it is money well spent.


Usually, I do not broadcast any charitable donations I have made down the years (Causes close to me are Autism & bullying organisations) as I do not want it looking like a PR stunt but given the current situation around the world, I am hopeful that doing so will encourage people to donate what they can to the causes that are close to them. I hope that essential services like Pieta can survive and we can all be a little more charitable in future.


Until then, look after yourselves, check in on others, try to move and do some exercise and although it is trivial with everything going on, I look forward greatly to the day I can get a haircut.


Stay safe people, Aidan out.

Pieta House

Ballyduff - Run 4 Pieta