The internet is a weird place, it’s full of people desperate for fame, Nigerian princes who can’t seem to get an email back despite their charitable nature and is basically wall to wall perverts. Every now and again though, you “meet” someone sound and who is dedicated to what they do, enter Sean O’ Riordan.


Sean is an Irish photographer and you will have no doubt seen his work on Instagram with it being featured by some major accounts. His own growth in the last year has also exploded due to his talents. I share a lot of imagery from my travels from messing with drones etc, but Sean is a real photographer dedicated to his craft and his star is only going to keep rising.


So, many months ago when I started to re-design the Avalanche site (for the 5th time) I was intent on keeping a rustic Irish feel to things whilst still creating a beautiful and forward-thinking website that encapsulates why we are at the forefront of all things design. Sean and I had been chatting about several different things having recognised each other’s profiles on Instagram and he was kind enough to donate a bank of his imagery to help me with my project.


It was a new, more mature look for Avalanche that I wanted to create, and his imagery is essential to what I then went on to code.


You will see his imagery dotted throughout the site and is featured in many of the navigation areas as a background. For those of you viewing this on mobile, it is probably wasted on you, but for the people on laptops and bigger screens (Only 16% left if you don’t believe in the mobile revolution) you will see the amazing shots that Sean has managed to capture.


You can order some beautiful prints from his website below while you should also make sure to follow him on social media. A gentleman and a big part of the most beautiful thing I have ever coded!


Cheers Sean!

Aidan out.