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Tips for Startups.. Just keep swimming.

Starting a business, on paper it is supposed to be a fun an exciting time for anyone. There are plenty of important items to address upon startup such as research, competitor analysis and cash flow. I have found that the most important thing when it comes to starting a business is marketing. Getting your product/service out there and letting people know that you have a ready-made solution to a need/want that they have is the most important aspect of a startup so here is some advice which I have found useful for Avalanche.

1. Don't over-complicate things.

You should be able to explain to a complete stranger what it is you do, they should grasp it within 30 seconds and if not you should probably do a bit more research into what you want to do and how to best sell it. It does not need to be massively flashy with all the bells and whistles in the world. Remember if it is stupid and it works, it is not stupid.

2. Social Media Is Your Friend.

Marketing is a lot easier since somebody decided to drop the word "Digital" in front of it, you have lots if different platforms you can use to market yourself and your brand. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others (depending on your business you could use). These combined with a website that truly captures your brand's personality are a big part of marketing. This is where people learn about your brand, more importantly it is where they learn about you as a person and they will invest their time/money if both are up to scratch.

3. Do not waste time on time wasters.

If you are starting a business, you will have people who are going to doubt it and poke holes in things, #haters to borrow a phrase from a friend. I am certain that the most common shared trait among Irish people is the need to be begrudging, especially to those perceived as doing well. Shake the criticism off and keep your vision in mind. Worrying about this is a total waste of time so focus your efforts on things that can actually improve your business.

4. Have a website, a f***ing good one.

This should be a massive part of a business plan, being online is an absolute must. Every tiny detail matters, what font are you going to use, that is the main colouring throughout your site going to convey, should I be more/less formal? All of these questions are important and should be addressed. Minuscule details like these all add up to give you an identity online. If you don't know your brand's identity, how can you expect someone logging on to your site to understand it? Make sure your website is firing on all cylinders.

5. Just Keep Swimming.

It's going to be hard, you will have knock-backs and doubters, perhaps even doubt yourself. You will have to make massive sacrifices in your personal life. Just remember that the big turnaround could happen tomorrow, that big break could happen at any moment. Believe in yourself and what you can offer.

Just Keep Swimming..